Founder – Lisa

I spent years working in a steady and well paid job in sales whilst teaching Les Mills group fitness classes on the side (body pump and CX worx were my jam). But a few years in, I just couldn’t get motivated to do the corporate scene anymore, I just wanted to teach more classes!

So in 2015 I quit my job (yeww), ran a marathon, went back to study personal training, rode my bike around (no more company car), taught a handful of group fitness classes and transformed my parents shed into the ultimate training zone.

Nearly 3 years later, I’ve been able to train some incredible humans and grow a solid client base. It has been the most fulfilling “job” and something I continually become more passionate about.

My training philosophy has stemmed from running, CrossFit and strength and conditioning. I am all about nailing the basics. I mean, there is no need for fancy exercises we see on the socials when majority of us are still trying to perfect a basic squat (guilty).

I have fallen in love with cross training and the positive affects it’s has on my body and mind. I love the feeling of being strong AND fit. Fitness for me has always been feel over looks. When you put all the pieces of the puzzle together (nutrition, sleep, stress management, recovery etc) and work really hard then the aesthetics are a bonus! No quick fads or 8 week challenges, just little improvements everyday to becoming a better, healthier, happier and fitter you!

As a coach I love empowering people to feel good and teaching them they are more capable than they think. Especially strength training women! I truly believe, and see all the time with my clients, the more capable you become in the gym the more self confident you are outside of it – and that is powerful.

So if your keen to work hard, be around positive people, be consistent and trust the process then GEDfit is the right place for you! Nothing would make me happier then helping you with your fitness journey, because being fit feels pretty bloody good!!