A combination of strength and conditioning providing the overall fitness package. Expect a specific warm up followed by a strength and/or conditioning component for the day.

If you’re looking for the full fitness package, this is the class for you.

GEDfit classes are capped at 20 people per class with 2 coaches to ensure the highest quality coaching and equipment can be provided to each and every person in the class.


Using a mixture of short intense efforts, interval training and the occasional long grind, our GEDsweaty class is perfect for those wanting to to properly improve their fitness.

GEDsweaty classes are capped at 18-24 people per class, just so you’ve got some personal space to enjoy the sweaty experience.



For those looking to really dial in their technique and strength movements such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, presses, pull ups and olympic lifting. Using 8 week strength blocks in any given movement, this will allow time for athletes to be taught to move better and build a solid foundation by our passionate coaches.

GEDstrong classes are capped at 16 people per class to allow the coaches to spend time helping each and every athlete move better each session.

Partner/Team GEDfit

Our favourite way to finish off the training week.